Activity Updates vs. Daily Summary in Q-Scribe

As a Project Manager, I always had a problem getting my technicians to give me a good summary of their activities as they carried our their CMET duties. Quite often three sentences is all I would get to describe 10 hours worth of construction and CMET activities. But, I’m sure you never have this problem, right? I noticed that many of those same technicians have no problem texting (wives, girlfriends, etc.) all day long. So, in creating Q-Scribe, I wanted to leverage that mentality (a little bit of info at many points throughout the day) to relieve that stress of having to write a novella at the end of the day and improve project CMET documentation. Thus, we have Activity Updates in Q-Scribe. This video demonstrates what Activity Update are and how they can be used to improve CMET documentation.

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