Apple Updates iOS Management Tools for Enterprise

Apple recently updated and improved their deployment and management tools to facilitate large scale deployments by enterprises. They enhanced both the device deployment and management tools and app purchase and deployment tools. TechCrunch has a good article summarizing the new tools — Apple Makes Big Improvements in iOS Management Tools for Enterprise and Education.

… the load is taken off of IT departments in the rollout phase and the user is able to customize and play with the devices without mucking up security profiles. It will also allow IT departments to easily and wirelessly conform users’ own devices to their company security policies with a simple opt-in.

Apple also updated their website — The new IT. They have lots of information about scaled deployment, device management, and volume app purchase. They also have guide documents you can download including:

If you’re interested in the features of iOS and iPad for business and information about deploying and managing iPad and iOS apps, go check out the Apple’s The new IT web page..

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