“Huge construction firm uses iPads and Apple TV to save millions”

Check out this article over at iBackflip.com about how Balfour Beatty has saved millions on their Dallas-Fort Worth Airport project using iPads and a cloud-based solution for digital plans as a replacement for paper.

workers in the field can use the iPads and a Wi-Fi connection to get the latest, most up-to-date versions of relevant plans”

they’ve already saved $1.2 million just eliminating paper … a spokesman for Dallas Fort Worth airport says that the total savings on documents across the whole project will be more than $5 million”

Wow, that’s just reproduction savings alone. Imagine the benefits from the superintendents having the plans with them, anywhere they are in the field.

Plus, since installing the system, there hasn’t been a single mistake from contractors using the outdated plans, which is fairly common occurrent on construction sites. “No rework, that’s huge in our world”

I agree. When everyone on the team has access to the most current data and plans, mistakes and reworks are reduced. That’s just one of the awesome features of Q-Scribe – everyone has access to the most recent test data and reports — especially critical whenever multiple techs are hitting job-sites on a call-out basis. They’re also reminded of any outstanding failures or non-conformances — especially critical..

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