iPad Equipped “Productivity Warriors”

FileMaker released the results of a study related to how mobile workers are being more productive with iPads and iPhones. They’re confirming what we here at Geodatix have been preaching:

“The next wave of business mobility, fueled by iPad and iPhone-equipped ‘productivity warriors,’ is delivering real ROI by automating processes in the building and on the company campus,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc. “Of course we see many traditional road warriors using FileMaker, but we were surprised to find how much use was actually occurring inside the building. We were also impressed at how frequently businesses are replacing paper-based processes with iPads and iPhones, thus automating areas of their business not practical before.”

Also I found it very interesting that :

“More than half (51%) of the mobility case studies involved replacing paper-based processes.”

OK, no I didn’t. This is the whole reason I created Q-Scribe and what I have been preaching — paper based workflows are extremely inefficient. You can read the Wall Street Journal article here..

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