iPad GPS Accuracy and Density Test Locations

If you love the ability to locate your density tests (and/or technicians) with the GPS capability of the iPad and Q-Scribe, you might be interested in this testing performed by CloudPoint Geographics (cloupointgeo.com). They tested the precision and accuracy of several consumer type devices and compared the results to a $10,000 Trimble Geo XH 6000 (article here). The accuracy and precision of the consumer devices is surprisingly good — especially the iPad.

They plotted their results here.  If you need very precise, accurate results for test locations, you better go with the $10,000 GPS or a $150 /hr surveyor. However, if +/- 5 ft is good enough for your test locations, then the iPad performs well.

This confirms our iPad accuracy testing. We have tested the accuracy of the iPad at locating known points and found it consistently located within 5 ft of the point.

Reminder, if you are using the iPad GPS for test locations, be sure to “refresh” the GPS location after the device has been at the test location for at least a minute. The iPad locates itself each time you access the GPS and the location “zeroes in”. We have noticed that if you use the GPS reading immediately after the app accesses the GPS, the location will be less accurate but give it about 30 seconds to a minute and you’ll be spot on. In the Q-Scribe field density screen, just tap the “Using GPS” text and the app will refresh the GPS reading. See below.


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