iPads for Field Services: a Success

If you are researching the use of iPad in the field, here are some articles and info about the successful use of the iPad for field services.

What’s the iPads Role in Field Service?, Field Service Magazine
Mobile GIS Puts the iPad to Work, Field Service Magazine
Field Technicians Get Lift From Cloud Automation Solution, Field Service Magazine
Putting the iPad to Work in the Field [Recorded Webinar]
Field Service in 2013: More Data, More Cloud Computing, More Mobile Devices, via TheSmartVan.com

Our subscribers are finding that the iPad is a very good device for CMT field use. ┬áNo, the iPad is not a “ruggedized” device but when it’s properly protected in a good case, it is more than adequate. And even if you do see replacement at 10-15%, since the iPad is 1/5 the cost of a “ruggedized” device, you are still well ahead. This is what many of the articles above are showing. Want to discuss further, give us a shout..

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