Q-Scribe Mobile: Available in the App Store

We are thrilled to announce that Q-Scribe Mobile, our iPad app, has been approved by Apple and is available in the App Store.  Of course, the app only works if you have a valid user account for Q-Scribe.  Signing up for Q-Scribe is fast and easy:

  1. Register for Q-Scribe and indicate the number of user accounts you need.  Registration will create your Company Administrator account.
  2. Login to the web app at http://www.q-scribe.com with your Company Administrator account. You’ll be prompted to enter your company specific logo, address info, and settings (the various customizable drop down data fields). You will also be able to create user accounts and assign privileges.
  3. Once your user accounts are created, users can login on the web app and/or download Q-Scribe Mobile and login and begin using Q-Scribe.

A huge thanks to all our beta testers who helped us resolve any issues and fine tune Q-Scribe to provide a revolutionary data workflow solution.  We look forward to working with all of you to continue improving and adding functionality to Q-Scribe to make it the ultimate data collection and data management workflow software for construction materials testing (CMT/CMET) professionals.


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