Q-Scribe Support and Feedback

We’re thrilled to be launching our support and feedback site for Q-Scribe. Users of Q-Scribe can access the support and feedback page at support.q-scribe.com. This site provides access to knowledge base articles and videos to assist you with using Q-Scribe. You can also enter a support request for any specific problems, issues, or needs you have and our team of support ninja’s will work to address your issue post-haste. You can also leave feedback for us and enter and vote on feature requests. Let us know what features you think Q-Scribe needs, or doesn’t need. Other users can vote up your feature request. We’ll know where to best focus our efforts to bring you the features you want. Help us make Q-Scribe the construction materials testing (CMT) field data collection and management system that makes your life simpler, and your business more successful.

When you access support.q-scribe.com you’ll be directed to the Q-Scribe log-in page. Enter your Q-Scribe user credentials and you’ll be directed to the support and feedback site. The site works in any browser, including Safari on the iPad. The support links within Q-Scribe will also direct you to the site.

The video below provides a quick demo of this functionality.


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