Q-Scribe Features

iPad Application

Web Application

  • works with, or without, a cellular connection (because not all your projects are in the city)
  • efficient data recording at point of test (no inefficient data re-entry and the errors that come with data entry)
  • easily record activities via Activity Updates (no more missing reports because “I just haven’t gotten around to writing the report”)
  • use voice to text feature to input information
  • technicians have all the project data with them all the time (they can be instantly up to date when they have to substitute into a project)
  • feedback works as a project message board between technicians and PM’s
  • client rep field sign-off on reports (reported to)
  • plus much, much more.
  • your “backend” for project management, data review, and report distribution
  • browser-based, works with all modern browsers including tablets (iOS, Android, Windows RT)
  • view and approve (or edit or reject) Daily Field Reports and project Activity Updates
  • view technician and test location from the captured GPS data
  • view field density data graphically (on the Proctor Curve), in table view, or individual test view
  • generate report distributions to your “distribution list” for any time frame you like (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • project time reports make invoicing easy
  • plus much, much more.