What are the system requirements for Q-Scribe?

Q-Scribe works on all modern computers or tablets. With the iPad app, you can work with, or without, and internet connection.

We have tested Q-Scribe in various computers (PC and Mac) and tablets (iPad, iPad mini, Android tablet, and Microsoft Surface). The Q-Scribe web application works on most modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, including the tablet mobile varieties of Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android, and Internet Explorer on Surface RT.

The Q-Scribe iPad app works with the iPad 2 and newer hardware, including the iPad mini, and iOS v. 5.0 or greater. An internet connection is required for access to the web application and is at least intermittently required for the iPad application. We recommend using an iPad with mobile data services (either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint) for best utility. However, the iPad app will work in off-line mode to allow data collection while not connected. ┬áThe user can then “sync” whenever he has an internet connection..

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