“Your company is about to be part of an enormous wave of change”

Check out this article on Forbes — Why Your Company May Dump Quickbooks This Year —from an IT consultant who has observed the shift to cloud-based software and software as a service models. He specifically addresses how many companies are shifting their accounting software to cloud based solutions.

I’ve watched companies move more and more of their in-house systems to hosted ones, eliminating their servers and IT infrastructure.”

Cloud based computing has become much more reliable, more dependable, more secure, and  from a price perspective, is much cheaper than installing and managing your own servers. Cloud based software companies are taking advantage of this tremendous computing power, harnessing it and making it available to businesses as a tailored solution.

the cloud is the future”


Software companies have realized that SAS is a much better business model — both for the software company and the business customer. The software company realizes more stable income and the consumer gets better software. Even the big companies like Microsoft, Sage, Oracle and SAP are developing cloud-based solutions. One of the fastest growing software companies in recent years, Salesforce.com, is an entirely a cloud-based software platform.

There are so many advantages of a cloud solution that I personally don’t see how these on-premise systems can move into the future”

The future is here and great cloud-based software that can make you more efficient is here. With Q-Scribe, we have combined cloud-based computing with mobile platform apps to provide the ultimate solution – a cloud-based system that the user can utilize on-line or off-line.


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