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Our Story, a Parallel

October 23rd, 2015 by jeff

The paper problem is very obvious to any construction manager and construction engineer in the field

This interview of PlanGrid CEO presents their parallel story within the construction industry. The founders of PlanGrid had the same epiphany we did when the iPad was introduced — this technology can change our industry, an industry badly in need of technology improvements, for the better. Watch the video. Great story..

Working with PDFs on the iPad

August 4th, 2014 by jeff

PDF files are a great way to expand the capability of your “paperless” workflow via the iPad. Throughout my years of working with technicians with laptops and Word or Excel forms, is that no matter how well you think you “lock down” a Word or Excel file to maintain formatting, formulas, etc., over time they always seem to be able to mess up the formulas or formatting of a document. PDF forms, although less powerful than an Excel spreadsheet, seem to overcome that obstacle while providing a powerful form input capability. PDF forms are not as efficient a workflow as an app like Q-Scribe for your day to day workflow but they do have a place to handle the edge-case workflows. Read the rest of this entry »