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Check out this article on Forbes — Why Your Company May Dump Quickbooks This Year —from an IT consultant who has observed the shift to cloud-based software and software as a service models. He specifically addresses how many companies are shifting their accounting software to cloud based solutions.

I’ve watched companies move more and more of their in-house systems to hosted ones, eliminating their servers and IT infrastructure.”

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iPad GPS Accuracy and Density Test Locations

September 18th, 2013 by jeff

If you love the ability to locate your density tests (and/or technicians) with the GPS capability of the iPad and Q-Scribe, you might be interested in this testing performed by CloudPoint Geographics ( They tested the precision and accuracy of several consumer type devices and compared the results to a $10,000 Trimble Geo XH 6000 (article here). The accuracy and precision of the consumer devices is surprisingly good — especially the iPad. Read the rest of this entry »